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Captain Angus J. Walters House

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation has made the historical residence of Captain Angus J. Walters our home and office. The house was generously donated to the Town of Lunenburg by Captain Walters son, Bernard J. (Spike) Walters, in 2000. Coastal Action now rents the house from the Town of Lunenburg while keeping part of the house a museum dedicated to Captain Angus J. Walters, the Master of the Bluenose.

Captain Angus J. Walters was born in Lunenburg on June 9, 1881. He was the son of Captain Elias Walters and Adelaide Sarah (Lohnes) Walters. Walters has this house built in 1915, and it was used by Walters family up until it was donated to the Town of Lunenburg. Captain Walters had three sons: Bernard, Gilbert and Stewart.

Captain Walters first went to sea when he was only the age of 13, and quickly became a Captain in the Lunenburg fishing fleet as a highliner skipper. In 1921, the soon-to-be-famous Bluenose was launched at the Smith and Rhuland shipyard and under Captain Walters capable command the Bluenose was a successful fishing schooner and won all of the International Fishermen's races. When Captain Walters retired from the sea in 1940, he operated a dairy in Lunenburg right next to his house.


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