Lunenburg Heritage & Marine Stewardship Canada 150 Project

This project will celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary and World Oceans Day and is funded by the Government of Canada.

The event will engage participants in both cultural and environmental themes, focusing on the issue of marine plastic pollution while exploring Lunenburg’s unique and strong connection to the ocean. Events include:

Ocean Arts & Crafts for All Ages: Using common marine plastics found in the ocean (bags, bottles, caps) led by local artists from Lunenburg.
Tour a Traditional Wooden Schooner: The Blue Dream Project’s Mahayana will be available to climb on board and explore. This vessel was recently built (2015-2017) in the historic Bluenose Shed, a boat building shed that has been present on Lunenburg’s waterfront for generations. The schooner was made with traditional wooden boat building methods and will be open to the public to learn more about this important aspect of Nova Scotia’s history and culture.
Dory Rides: Partnering with the Canadian Dory Racing Association (CDRA), rides will be available on the waterfront with the assistance of CDRA’s expert coaches and members.