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Donate to Coastal Action by subscribing to Saltscapes Magazine


Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation is pleased to be a Community Spirit Partner with SALTSCAPES, Canada’s East Coast Magazine. As a community partner with Saltscapes, Coastal Action is part of an exciting and unique new fundraising opportunity. For each new subscription to the magazine created through Coastal Action, SALTSCAPES will donate $10.00 to our organization. Subscriptions make a great gift, and are sure to be enjoyed.

In each issue of SALTSCAPES you will find articles and photographs that reflect the best of Atlantic Canada. SALTSCAPES’ website describes the content as the following:

  • Getaways - hiking, motorcycle touring, weekend drives
  • Outdoor living - gardening and landscaping tips, features on the creatures and habitat we love
  • Food - Marie Nightingale, local chefs and your favourite recipes
  • People - profiles, genealogical roots, neighborhood news
  • Lifestyles - how-to projects, the music, architecture, fairs, festivals and fun

Costs of subscriptions (payable in Canadian funds) are as follows:

  • One Year: $ 24.95 + HST* = $ 28.69 (+ GST** $ 26.70)
  • Two Year: $ 44.95 + HST* = $ 51.69 (+ GST** $ 48.10)
  • USA: One Year - $ 34.95 (no tax)
  • Overseas: One Year - $ 39.95 (no tax)

*HST applicable in NS, NB & NL

**GST applicable in all other Canadian provinces

If you would like to subscribe, please contact Coastal Action for a subscription form by phoning the office at (902) 634-9977 or by email.