MinPin Forest Quest

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation is pleased to offer its newest nature-based experience for children: The Minpin Forest Quest! This fun, adventuresome, outdoor environmental education program takes place at the Morton Centre, where grade 2 students will increase their appreciation and wonder for the natural world and wild habitat, understand the basics of a plant's life cycle, and learn to plant and nurture their own seed.

minpins 2


Cycle Savers

Cycle Savers is a hands-on, outdoor exploration experience for grade four students, which takes place at Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation's Morton Centre.

Based on a mystery code and club theme, the students work to decipher the code of the "Cycle Savers" while they learn about the air, water and soil cycle.

They then go on to learn how they affect the cycles, and how their actions can make a difference, whether at home or in the classroom.


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