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Paul MacDonald Volunteer Award

We love our volunteers at Coastal Action! Our volunteers have an enormously positive impact on our projects, and some of our projects rely on the help from our volunteers. So every year Coastal Action likes to take a moment to recognize all the great work our volunteers do for us by handing out our Paul MacDonald Volunteer Award. This award is meant to thank and honour the people who donate their time to support us.

Paul MacDonald was a prominent volunteer with Coastal Action for almost 20 years. He was a board member as well as an almost permanent fixture on any of our projects that took place in and around Mahone Bay area. Paul and Bebe, his trustworthy companion (Black Lab), spent hundreds of hours helping out with water quality monitoring, habitat surveys, and the installation on in-stream restoration structures in the Mushamush River. He also donated his time as well as the materials for making tern decoys and sign stands for use in our Roseate Tern Recovery Program. Paul was extremely generous in providing his time and support to Coastal Action, which is why we created the Volunteer Recognition award in his name.


Past Recipients

Volunteer of the Year 2015

Shanna Fredericks & Brooke Nodding presenting David Maxwell with his Volunteer of the Year award

We are grateful for your unconditional support, thank you!

2016 – David Maxwell

2015 – Wayne, Yvonne and Genna Carey

2014 – Rick Welsford

2013 – Barrie Clarke

2012 – Carroll Randall


Volunteer 2014

Rick Welford (left) receiving his award in 2014. Presented to him by Karl Nauss (right).


Brooke and Danielle P. presenting the Volunteer of the Year award to the Carey's