Climate Change Adaptation

Our climate is changing. Long-term sea level rise is projected in Nova Scotia and will accelerate as a result of climate warming. It is also rising in this province due to regional land subsidence, which is the sinking of land relative to sea level. More frequent and intense storms are also expected with climate warming which are often accompanied by storm surges, coastal and inland flooding, and accelerated erosion. The relative sea level rise in combination with more frequent and intense storms means increasing impacts on communities which puts sensitive coastal ecosystems, infrastructure (e.g., roadways, storm water systems), low lying properties and areas of rapid erosion at risk.

Whether it’s through changes in land-use policies and building codes, increasing green space/decreasing hard surfaces, or educating the public, communities are starting to learn how to adapt to climate change.

Coastal Action has begun to assist our communities in a few climate change adaptation projects.  It may seem overwhelming, but small changes such as building a rain garden to capture runoff from the hard and paved surfaces in your neighbourhood can reduce the strain on your Town’s storm water system during high rainfall events. Together, we plan for and adapt to our changing climate.