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Preliminary Study of Coastal Erosion in Mahone Bay 2012-2013

Project Summary

In 2012, the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation partnered with Acadia University to develop a research project that specifically looks at coastal erosion and its impacts on the islands and coastal communities located within Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Other project partners include the Mahone Islands Conservation Association (MICA) and the Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy (KCC).

As a first step in this research project, two Acadia Honours students [one Geology (GEOL) student and one Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ESST) student] were hired to research: (1) the extent to which coastal erosion is being dealt with within the communities surrounding the Mahone Bay Islands and how current activities can be better integrated into policy planning and community communication networks; and (2) determining the relative importance of the sedimentological, geomorphological and physical parameters that contribute to headward erosion of seven drowned drumlin islands in Mahone Bay, Southwestern Nova Scotia.

Together this research represent a preliminary study of the issues, both physical and social, associated with the erosion occurring in the area; what community and municipality members can expect in the future; and how policies and communication routes should be integrated in order to deal with the issues.

Please visit the following links to access the reports:

1. A Recommendation Strategy for Coastal Erosion in the Area of Mahone Bay Islands

2. An Investigation of Factors Influencing the Erosion of Drumlin Islands in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia