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For more information on climate change adaptation measures in the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, and the Maritimes please visit the following links:

1. Municipality of the District of Lunenburg: A Case Study in Climate Change Adaptation: A series of reports exploring climate change adaption measures in the Municipality.

2. Flood Risk Mapping for the LaHave River System for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. 

3. Scenarios and Guidance for Adaption to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: NS & PEI Municipalities: A report providing background information on climate change and sea level rise scenarios, as well as guidelines on how the information can be used in vulnerability assessments & adaptation planning.

4. Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions: The Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions (ACAS) program is a federal cost-shared program aimed at advancing adaptation planning and decision-making, particularly at the municipal level, to reduce risks and maximize opportunities of our changing climate.

5. New Brunswick Coastal Areas Protection Policy: This policy designates a 30 m building setback along coastal beaches, dunes, and marshes, to protect their ecological integrity. Structures are permitted within this zone under certain conditions, and given that the structure is 2 m above the high water mark.

6. Nova Scotia Department of Environment, Climate Change Unit: The climate change unit supports increased awareness and understanding of climate change, the science behind it, its impacts, and what we can do to help.