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Stormwater Management Demonstration Sites in the Town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Over the last two decades, the momentum for green stormwater infrastructure has been growing. The Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation in partnership with the Town of Bridgewater want to encourage property owners to consider alternatives (i.e., rain garden, rain barrel) to traditional stormwater management infrastructure. The creation of stormwater management demonstration project sites on high traffic public property sites is intended to create highly visible projects that will inspire others to take action in order to reduce the volume and pollutant loading entering into receiving waterways.  The construction of these projects will provide hands-on training opportunities for both property owners and Town of Bridgewater staff.  

Mariners' Landing Park, Town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

In August 2013, the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation partnered with the Ecology Action Centre to design and build a rain garden in Mariners' Landing Park which is located in the Town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.  Rain gardens are small, landscaped areas that are designed to capture, filter and infiltrate rainwater. Planted with water-tolerant native plants, rain gardens can become a beautiful and functional feature on your property.

SM- Rain Garden 1
The rain garden space with the sod, and soil removed. A rain garden should be relatively flat, as this is where the rain will slow down and settle and be absorbed into the ground over the next 24-48 hrs.
Rain Garden at Mariner's Landing Park, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
After the sod and soil were removed, the area was filled with 2-3 inches of gravel (to help with infiltration), landscaping fabric (to prevent mixture of soil and gravel), and nutrient-rich, organic top soil. Native, water-loving plants were then planted and the garden was mulched.