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Fish Friends School Program

Fish Friends is a unique school program with a fun and adaptable curriculum suited for grade 4, 5, and 6 students. The Atlantic Salmon Federation developed it for use in both Canada and the United States. The fish friends program is now controlled and maintained by the Nova Scotia Salmon Association and the Department of Inland Fisheries in Nova Scotia.  Fish Friends provides elementary school students, grades 4 through 6, with an understanding of freshwater environments, marine environments, and the lives of wildlife. The program offers children the opportunity to raise Brook trout from fertilized eggs to young fish, known as the fry stage while being able to study and view their life cycle. Once the eggs have reached the fry stage, the students have the opportunity to release them into local rivers.

The Fish Friends program is one way that local children can develop a sense of environmental stewardship. The unique classroom curriculum teaches children the significance of healthy streams and fish while understanding their important roles in the natural environment. Over the past few years, BCAF has helped to coordinate the Fish Friends program by sponsoring Bluenose Academy and other elementary schools by providing maintenance, monitoring, and assistance with the fry release into several rivers throughout Lunenburg County.

 Schools currently involved in the past:

  • Petite Riviere Elementary School
  • Bridgewater  Elementary School
  • Bluenose Academy
  • West Northfield Elementary School
  • Chester Elementary School
  • Centre Scolaire de la Rive Sud
  • Bayview Community School
  • Hebbville Academy
  • New Germany Rural High School
  • Chester Area Middle School