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Oceans and Coastal Management Division of Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Marine Protected Area Networking Planning for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia's coastal and marine regions

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation, in collaboration with the Oceans and Coastal Management Division of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, is contributing to the assessment of potential sites for marine protected areas (MPAs) on the south shore of Nova Scotia. Currently, Coastal Action is leading interviews and public consultations to gather feedback about two Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs): Mahone Bay and the Lahave Islands. 

Current efforts to identify candidate areas for MPA designation by assessing these and other EBSAs that have been identified along the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia and in the Bay of Fundy is in accordance with federal goals to expand marine protected area networks by protecting 10% of Canada’s marine environment by 2020. Marine protected area network planning uses an ecosystems-based approach, which takes into account interconnected species and their habitat, as well as current and future stresses to marine ecosystems. The following illustrates some potential benefits of marine protection for the Mahone Bay and LaHave Islands special areas.

Mahone Bay EBSA*

*EBSA boundaries do not delineate a potential marine protected area site. EBSA boundaries are intended to indicate general areas of ecological and biological significance and are for discussion only. Not all EBSAs will become MPAs.

LaHave Islands and Surrounding Area EBSA
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Coastal Action is currently meeting with residents, community members, fishers (commercial and recreational), industry, tourism, and local groups to learn more about the activities of these areas, gather feedback and answer questions, as well as provide information to the public about marine protected area planning on Nova Scotia's south shore. 

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