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Assessment of the 2011 Gold River Atlantic salmon smolt migration (thumbnail)

2011 Gold River Report

 Gold River Watershed Management & Salmon Research Project

Project Summary

The Gold River is located in the Municipality of the District of Chester, Lunenburg County and flows into Mahone Bay.

This river once had a healthy population of Atlantic salmon and was a fishing destination for anglers from all over Nova Scotia. In recent years, the population of salmon has diminished to the point of the river being completely closed to salmon angling. There are many theories as to why the numbers have dropped; acid rain, reduced spawning areas, and low marine survival to name a few.

The Donner Canadian Foundation has partnered with the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) and the Coastal Action to work towards an improved recreational fishery on the Gold River system. There are many various components to the Gold River Watershed Management and Salmon Research Project including, but not limited to, the following: fish habitat assessment and restoration; water quality monitoring; salmon research (kelt and smolt); public education and outreach; as well as a historical review of the river.