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LaHave River Watershed Management and Restoration


One of the goals of the LaHave River Watershed Project is to develop a watershed management plan. An integrated watershed management plan, which addresses both land and water resources through collaborative efforts with government and stakeholders, will significantly improve our understanding of the system and provide recommendations for the sustainable management of the LaHave River Watershed. Due to the significant size of the watershed, monitoring and assessment activities are carried out at a more feasible sub-watershed scale. Sub-watershed Fish Habitat Restoration Plans have been developed for the North Branch, West River, and West Branch Sub-watersheds, which involve assessments of riparian and in-stream habitats, water quality monitoring, land-use surveys, and recommendations for restoration activities to address harmful environmental impacts. This sub-watershed analysis improves our understanding of how water resources are being used, how land-use activities are influencing water quality, and how stream and riparian habitat conditions are influencing the quality and availability of fish habitat.



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The top photo illustrates Coastal Action staff conducting riparian planting on the stream bank. The middle photo illustrates staff removing fish passage barrier. The bottom photo illustrate staff drilling holes into an in-stream restoration structure.