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Water Quality of Petite Rivière Watershed

Even though the water quality of the Petite Rivière watershed is in relatively good condition, Coastal Action monitors the water throughout the system to ensure it is kept that way!  

Coastal Action tests at 18 sites throughout the watershed, monthly. The sample site locations can be seen on the map on the bottom right. The temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, total dissolved solids, salinity and pH of the water is taken at each site and is added to Coastal Action's database. Petite Rivière water quality data is also added to an online database prepared by CURA H2O, which also includes water quality measurements from watersheds around the province. Coastal Action believes that the quality of water in a watershed should be public knowledge and therefore our database is available upon request.


Coastal Action has only been collecting water quality measurements in Petite Rivière since 2011. Coastal Action saw the importance of collecting these water quality measurements due to the many pressures, recently and historically on the health of the Petite Rivière system. These pressures include the development of industrial, agricultural and residential growth within the watershed. The water testing is to hold this type of development accountable to anything that may go wrong to damage environmental integrity and to ensure it is done in an environmentally responsible manner.

                                      Petite Rivière 2017 Water Quality Report
  PR- YSI Sampling 1                                             PR Water Quality     The top photo illustrates staff collecting water quality data with a YSI unit. The bottom figure shows the boundaries of Petite Rivière watershed and Coastal Action's sample locations.